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  • Rybicki & Associates P.C.

2024 Employment Law Update

We will be presenting 2024 employment law updates throughout January of 2024. The presentation will cover new laws from the past year as well as recent administrative, labor and enforcement developments. Some topics include:

  • Minimum wages and industry-specific wage requirements

  • Changes to California new-hire notices

  • Leaves of absence and enhanced sick pay accruals

  • Cannabis use as an equal employment opportunity category

  • New retaliation and local enforcement standards

  • Non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants

  • Workplace violence prevention plan and training requirements

  • COVID-19 exposure notification and current workplace standards

  • Independent contractor status development

  • Federal NLRB authority affecting all employers' handbooks and policies

  • Examples of recent caselaw affecting employee reimbursement, bonus overtime calculations, religion accommodation, workplace dilemmas, ministerial exception, and reasonable accommodation


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