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Emergency COVID-19 Prevention Regulations Take Effect Immediately

The California Office of Administrative Law approved emergency COVID-19 Prevention regulations on November 30, 2020. The regulations are now in effect and remain in force through October 2, 2021, unless extended or withdrawn.

Fact Sheet: Our initial chart of requirements and interpretation of the emergency regulations can be viewed here. Employers should look for continued guidance from Cal-OSHA and state public health authorities over the coming weeks.

Cal-OSHA has also published a Frequently Asked Questions page discussing the emergency regulations and provided a model COVID-19 Prevention Program. The FAQ page can be viewed here and the model format can be downloaded here.

The status and text of the regulations can be viewed on the Department of Industrial Relations website here.

The regulations (discussed in a prior post here) impose many new obligations including preparation of a Written COVID-19 Prevention Program, employee training, workplace modification and procedures, notification of employees potentially exposed in the workplace, exclusion of workers who have been exposed or test positive, notice to local authorities, and continued pay and benefits for employees excluded from work due to COVID-19 concerns. The regulations also address employer-provided housing and transportation.

Employers should act immediately to implement policies and practices required by the emergency regulations. They should also consider whether prior COVID-19 exposures will now require further notification, or additional pay and benefits, to affected employees.


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